Smell Proof Bag With Combination Lock Water Repellent Odor Proof Stash Bag


  • 100% SMELL PROOF FOR ULTIMATE DISCRETION: Tired of weird looks in public? Let go of individual packaging bags and invest in our kit which allows you to carry your stash and accessories around without having herb odors draw unwanted attention from nosy bystanders! Our bag is lined with activated carbon filters that trap and lock in all odors and smells for hassle-free goods storage and carrying.
  • ABSOLUTE SAFETY WITH 3-DIGIT COMBINATION LOCK: Don’t jeopardize your stash! Keep your valuables and accessories safe from prying hands with a 3-digit code only you will know. What’s more, the accompanying bags for packaging products like herbs, spices, dried foods and consumable goods help minimize the incidence where kids or pets come into contact with your goods.
  • WEATHERPROOF & WATER REPELLENT: Would you let moisture and fluctuating temperatures affect the quality of your herbs and accessories? Of course not! Our bag is designed to keep your belongings safe from moisture, water splashes, cold, heat and unpredictable weather changes. Also, making use of each bonus stash container will add an extra layer of protection between your herbs and the environment.
  • ROOMY INTERIOR TO HOUSE ALL YOUR STUFF: Our bag is the perfect choice for both daily use and storage purposes. It features two interior mesh pockets that can help you keep your stuff neatly organized and in place throughout carrying. It’s the perfect size for your rolling papers, herb grinder card, herb package bags, pipes, lighters, and all related accessories.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Forget pouch bags that tear, shred and need almost instant replacement. Our bag is made of exceptionally durable material with impeccable stitching and attention to detail. Its heavy-duty zippers and sturdy handle ensure that this will be your go-to smell proof pouch for years to come. Buy with confidence!
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