G2 CannaMold Kit (Small 3.5-7g)


If you like vibing by yourself and being in your own world, then this lane is all you. The Small size lets you burn 3.5-7 grams for at least an hour. You’ll get to kick your feet up and fully enjoy your smoke – on your terms. Be your own boss and keep it Personal.


  • 10 Skewers – creates airflow which makes it super smooth
  • 1 Wooden tip – protects your lips and gives a classier feel
  • Cannagar Mold – allows you to easily store and cure your dope cannabis cigar
  • Built-in Funnel – easily pack your mold without the mess
  • Packing Tool – helps you compress cannabis for a slow-burning experience
  • Fits: 3.5-7 grams (perfect for a small group of friends)
  • Smokes: 1-2 hours (dependent on how many people smoking and how heavy your lungs are)
  • Dimensions: 0.5 inch diameter x 2.75 inches long
  • Ring Gauge: 32

Boss up in 3 steps:

  • Compress.
  • Cure.
  • Wrap.