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Level Up Your Hookah Experience

Whether you’ve been smoking hookah for years or as a hobby you’ve recently developed, we have wholesale hookah pipes for all kinds of smokers. From oriental-inspired glass hookahs to ceramic hookah bowls and other gorgeous designs, we have something for all hookah enthusiasts.

At Gorilla Wholesale, we believe in curating an all-inclusive smoking culture, and we believe that smoking hookah is at the very core of that vision. This is why we primarily have an extensive range of hookahs in different styles, designs, and colors. Whether you want to order hookah tobacco online, buy hookah pipes in bulk, or are looking for that one perfect piece to add to your collection, Gorilla Wholesalers is the place to shop!

Why Order A Hookah From Gorilla Wholesale?

  • It’s the perfect way to relax
  • A great alternative to other smoking methods
  • Incredible group hobby to enjoy with friends
  • A great decorative yet practical addition to your home
  • The process of making, waiting and smoking hookah is incredibly therapeutic
  • We offer the most competitive prices
  • Our products are all handpicked to ensure our customers have access to the best quality products
  • As smokers, we can help you select a hookah that’s the perfect design and style for you