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4 Best Stoner Anthems You Need On Your Playlist Right Now

a person smoking a joint.

When it comes to smoking cannabis, there is nothing as fun as listening to a marijuana-themed track to enhance your smoking session. Whether you’re smoking by yourself or chilling with your friends, having a familiar and upbeat tune playing in the back can help you vibe and have a more enjoyable experience. Are you looking […]

Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Using A Tattoo Gun For The First Time

A person working on a tattoo using a tattoo gun

Tattoos are mostly permanent; they need to be perfect unless you want to deal with painful tattoo removal procedures. So, ideally, you’d want a pro handling your tattoos, but wouldn’t it be cool if you were that “pro?” Of course, all tattoo artists start somewhere, so this could be the beginning of your journey. But […]