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Weed On The Go! 5 Accessories You Need To Make Your Road Trip Lit

A stash container concealed inside a Coca-Cola can

Heading for a road trip with your stoner buddies? Make sure you have your smoking accessories sorted! Here are some portable smoke accessories perfect for a road trip! The Coca-Cola Safe Stash Can When you’re on a road trip, the last thing you need is a cop pulling you over, only to find a clear glass […]

Joints Vs. Bongs – The Ultimate Debate

a man smoking from a bong.

Around 48.2 million people in the US use marijuana, whereas a Gallup poll reveals that more people smoke marijuana than cigarettes. Since so many people smoke weed and use cannabis, finding the right tools and techniques to have the ultimate experience can be tricky. Some smokers prefer smooth, clean smoke that can only be delivered by a […]

3 Cannabis Strains for the Ultimate High

a cannabis plant flowering.

Reports reveal that the global cannabis industry is currently worth $7.7 billion and is projected to grow steadily. This shows that the industry is booming, and numerous people are using cannabis recreationally or to mitigate health issues. Although many people smoke cannabis, most aren’t aware of the effects different cannabis strains can have on your body. […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Smoking Cannabis

cannabis flower bud.

The idea of smoking cannabis for the first time can be very exciting. From joints and blunts to smoking water pipes online, people consume cannabis in various ways and are always looking for more tips to elevate their smoking experience. However, there are a few essential things to remember when it comes to smoking cannabis. Read on […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Marijuana

a woman smoking from a bong.

Smoking marijuana is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. From smoking water pipes to joints and blunts, people consume cannabis for various reasons. Cannabis has several therapeutic qualities, though people also use it for recreational purposes. If you’re planning to smoke cannabis for the first time, you’re at the right place. Read on […]

How to Use a Bong – Tips From the Experts

a smoking water pipe.

Bongs are smoking water pipes online that are popularly used to consume cannabis. These fancy marijuana pipes are used for a super healthy and smooth smoking experience. The mechanics of a smoking water pipe are pretty simple. The smoke is pulled from the portion filled with water, and as the smoke starts to bubble up inside the […]

3 Smoking Accessories You Need for a Top-Notch Smoking Experience

a man holding a joint

Everyone who enjoys a good 4/20 session knows the importance of high-quality smoking accessories. A cannabis smoking connoisseur knows that a smoking session can be pleasurable with the right tools and techniques. From top-notch weed grinders to novelty rolling papers, there are several smoking supplies for smoking cannabis. Read on to learn all about the top […]