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3 Interesting Facts About Bongs We Bet You Didn’t Know

A person using a bong

Bongs are incredibly popular these days, and if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon yet—now’s the chance! Check out these cool bong facts before you order one for yourself! Bongs Have Been Around for Centuries  Contrary to popular opinion, bongs aren’t a recent invention—they’re thousands of years old. Our ancestors’ ancestors were smoking out of […]

Why Should You Look Around For A High-Quality Bong?

a woman holding a bong.

Many cannabis enthusiasts know it’s essential to invest in smoking paraphernalia and accessories to elevate their smoking experience. The right kind of smoking accessories can really change the way you experience cannabis and also make things smoother and much more enjoyable. This is why cannabis experts recommend using high-quality bongs. While many people smoke from […]