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6 Reasons to Own a Hookah

Reasons to own a hookah

Hookahs have been smoked for hundreds of years in many different parts of the world, typically with flavored tobacco. In recent years, smoking hookah has become increasingly popular in Western countries. Hookah benefits have compelled many people to invest in hookah. Reasons to Own a Hookah 1. Social Activity Hookah smoking is typically done in groups rather than […]

3 Hookah Tips For Beginners For A Great Smoking Session

A hookah place outdoors near a lake

Hookahs have been around since the 15th century, but they’ve only recently become more popular here in the US. If you’ve just ordered a smoking hookah but have no idea how to use it, this should help. Get the Foil Right Getting the foil right is a huge part of your hookah preparation. First off, you need […]