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The Health Benefits of Smoking Cannabis

a person rolling a joint.

One of the top things that comes to people’s minds when it comes to smoking weed is, “is it safe?”. Smoking weed is legal in around 21 states and is frequently used by numerous people to combat stress and anxiety and improve sleep. Whether you’re using cannabis to soothe your nervous system, improve sleep, or […]

4 Benefits of Grinding Weed

a weed grinder.

Every cannabis enthusiast knows that grinding weed correctly is essential for an elevated smoking experience. The quality of your ground weed is the most important factor determining your smoking experience. Many weed smokers use their fingers to break down the cannabis flower buds. This method can make the weed stick to your fingers and also impact […]

4 Perfect Gifts For A Stoner Boyfriend

a man holding a bong.

Stoners have a reputation for looking like the kind of guy who’s always in an oversized hoodie and talking with a drawl. But now that marijuana is legalized in over 38 states, anyone can be a stoner. It’s holiday season and the perfect time for getting presents for your loved ones. But finding a present […]

3 Ways To Make Your Long Road Trip With Stoner Friends Memorable

a girl smoking from a bong

Stoner road trips are exciting and can quite literally become a mind-expanding experience. Whether you’re someone who has planned out a detailed itinerary way before the day you travel, or you like a bit of spontaneity, getting stoned on your trip can definitely enhance the experience. From smoking cannabis in water pipes to using THC for a […]

Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Using A Tattoo Gun For The First Time

A person working on a tattoo using a tattoo gun

Tattoos are mostly permanent; they need to be perfect unless you want to deal with painful tattoo removal procedures. So, ideally, you’d want a pro handling your tattoos, but wouldn’t it be cool if you were that “pro?” Of course, all tattoo artists start somewhere, so this could be the beginning of your journey. But […]

5 Best Smoke Products To Light Up 2023

A gremlin-themed water pipe

New Year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to purge your smoke stash and invest in some new smoking gear. Whether it’s the old grinder you can’t bring yourself to throw away or the fancy chillum you’ve been eyeing for months—now’s the time to act. New smoke products bring new and hopefully […]

How To Buy A Bong That Work For You

A water pipe placed on a rock

Bongs can single-handedly level up your entire smoking experience, but you need to really consider the bong’s features to find one that fits your expectations and usage. These amazing water pipes come in different shapes and sizes and offer unique experiences you can enjoy with your smoke buddies. But that being said, with so many options, […]