6 Best Movies to Watch With Your Stoner Friends

Best movies to watch with your stoner friends

Some films are best enjoyed with a few close pals and some weed. There are many films to choose from, whether you’re in the mood for a comedy, a thriller, or a classic. Here are some of the best stoner flicks you can enjoy with your pals.

Best Stoner Movies

The following are the best stoner movies that you can enjoy with your weed pals:

1. The Big Lebowski

The Coen brothers’ classic is a staple of stoner culture and should not be missed. The Big Lebowski is best watched with a few buddies and a few joints, thanks to its eccentric humor and unforgettable characters.

2. Pineapple Express

David Gordon Green’s action comedy chronicles the exploits of a process server Seth Rogen and his drug dealer James Franco after they witness a murder and are forced to go on the run. Pineapple Express is one of the best stoner movies to watch with a bunch of stoner friends if you’re in the mood for some laughs, thanks to its over-the-top action scenes and hilarious acting.

3. Dazed and Confused

Many high school seniors in Richard Linklater’s comedy should not be missed. Thanks to the film’s unforgettable characters and soundtrack, you and your pals will feel like you’ve been transported back in time when you see Dazed and Confused.

Movies to watch with your stoner friends

4. Half Baked

Three buddies try to sell weed to pay for one of their own to get out of jail in this stoner comedy directed by Tamra Davis. Half Baked is one of the best stoner movies to watch with friends because of its funny cast of characters and wild humor.

5. The Breakfast Club

In John Hughes’s classic coming-of-age film, a group of high school teenagers spend a Saturday in detention and come to appreciate one another in unexpected ways. The Breakfast Club is an excellent choice for a group of stoner friends seeking a film because of its recognizable characters and everlasting ideas.

6. The Hangover

In this crude comedy from director Todd Phillips, a group of buddies must try to piece together what happened the night before in Las Vegas to locate one of their own who mysteriously vanished. The Hangover is one of the best stoner movies for many friends seeking a good time, thanks to its hilarious antics and stellar acting.

Final Word

The perfect film to see with your stoner pals is the one that everyone will have a good time with. Get some snacks, light up a joint, and settle in for a night of laughs with your pals. Whether you’re in the mood for humor, drama, or something in between, these films will not disappoint. Gorilla Wholesale is a smoking pipes bulk distributor that can help you with your smoking needs. You can buy tobacco grinders online and linework chillum from our website. Contact us now!

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