What Makes Hemp Wraps Better

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You’ve probably come across hemp wraps and those who swear by them. While blunt wraps were the more popular choice for decades, hemp wraps are now taking over, becoming quite the staple in the cannabis industry.

They offer a similar experience, but they’re considered a lot more risk-free.

Here are some hemp wraps benefits you need to know.

It’s A More Organic, Healthier Option

Hemp wraps are 100 percent organic because they’re created from hemp wrap fibers extracted from hemp plants grown organically. This definitely makes it a healthier alternative.

Additionally, they’re kept natural and organic during manufacturing by keeping them free from additives like nicotine or other toxic chemicals. In fact, organic hemp wraps don’t even have glue in them, giving you a cleaner burn and a safer, healthier experience.

Hemp Wraps Burn Slower

As mentioned earlier, hemp wraps are entirely organic. This makes them burn slower, allowing you to make the most of your herbs. Blunt wraps and rolling paper typically burn much faster, so you waste much of the product.

Also, besides burning slower, hemp wraps burn more evenly and cleanly. A clean burn means the wrap doesn’t produce a lot of ash and embers. This is great because it makes your entire smoke session much less messy. And, of course, you’re not wasting much and getting more value for your money!

Hemp Wraps Taste Better

Hemp doesn’t have an overpowering flavor of its own, unlike some tobacco wraps. This essentially means that when you smoke your favorite herb, you’ll be able to experience it in its entirety without the wrap masking its flavor profiles.

At most, you can taste hemp’s natural flavor and aroma, which is very mild and subtly pleasant; it blends well with most herbs you’d smoke.

Hemp Wraps Are Tobacco-Free

This is one of the best parts of choosing hemp wraps. While many people prefer tobacco wraps due to their strong scent and taste, one can’t deny that traditional tobacco-based wraps may contain many harmful chemicals.

Also, tobacco blunts are known for all the smoke they create because of their thickness. This isn’t usually a problem with hemp wraps since they’re much more lightweight and contain little to no harmful chemicals like tar and nicotine.

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