Weed On The Go! 5 Accessories You Need To Make Your Road Trip Lit

A stash container concealed inside a Coca-Cola can

Heading for a road trip with your stoner buddies? Make sure you have your smoking accessories sorted!

Here are some portable smoke accessories perfect for a road trip!

The Coca-Cola Safe Stash Can

When you’re on a road trip, the last thing you need is a cop pulling you over, only to find a clear glass stash jar sitting on your lap. Leave the glass jar at home and place your weed stash in a soda-safe can instead.

It’s the perfect way to hide your stash in plain sight; nobody can tell that you’re planning to smoke up when all they can see is an innocent can of soda!

Smell Proof Stash BagA smell-proof stash bag


Also, when you’re with a group of friends, the stash in your soda can will hardly be enough. This is why we suggest investing in this smell-proof stash bag instead.

It’s quite a steal, given all the different accessories it comes with, including a metal rolling tray, grinder card, smell-proof plastic bags and tubes, as well as a combination lock to keep it all safe!

The bag is also waterproof, making it a perfect option for keeping your weed safe and hidden.

The Mini Bob Marley-Themed Grinder

 A Bob Marley-themed weed grinder


Whether you go on this road trip or not, this mini-Bob Marley grinder is a must-have. It’s stylish but also uber-convenient. You can use it at home or pop it into your pocket when heading out to smoke up with friends.

Of course, it’s also a Godsend on road trips when your friend shows up with unground flower buds. You can quickly grind some weed in your mini grinder to roll up a joint to enjoy with friends!

Rolling Tray with Cache Box From RAW

 A RAW rolling tray


This isn’t part of our portable collection, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be, given its convenience.

The two-part RAW accessory comes with a metal rolling tray and a wooden cache box. It’s very handy when working with little space and lots of weed in a car.

Ashtray With Spring Lid



Many people overlook this, but ashtrays are super important, and you need the right ones for a car. Of course, your vehicle will have a built-in ashtray, but can you pass it around to everyone? No.

This is why you need this small ashtray with a spring lid; it’s easy to pass around and won’t let any ash escape into the car!

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