3 Interesting Facts About Bongs We Bet You Didn’t Know

A person using a bong

Bongs are incredibly popular these days, and if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon yet—now’s the chance!

Check out these cool bong facts before you order one for yourself!

Bongs Have Been Around for Centuries 

Contrary to popular opinion, bongs aren’t a recent invention—they’re thousands of years old. Our ancestors’ ancestors were smoking out of bongs long before us. The earliest evidence of this was found in Russia during an excavation.

The smoking pipes that looked much like the bongs we use today discovered on the excavation site are believed to belong to Scythians from 400 BC. Further research showed that these pipes were used to smoke cannabis and opium!

Another discovery indicated that bongs might have been invented in Africa as well, between 1100 and 1400 CE. This is because researchers found 11 pipes in two caves in Africa, and these pipes still had cannabis residue!

The Word “Bong” Has Thai Origins

Cannabis use has been historically linked to the Asian world, so this comes as no surprise. According to many etymologists, “bong” comes from the Thai word “baung.” Baung was the name given to the bamboo cylinders used for smoking in Thailand.

Of course, we’re not sure if the ancient Thai people actually smoked cannabis using the baungs like we do today. However, they likely did since cannabis smoking was pretty common in China, just to the North of Thailand.

You Don’t Always Have to Use Water in Your Bong


 A small glass bong on the ground


Believe it or not, you don’t have to use water in a bong, as a rule. While it’s the common and more obvious option, you can also try to be a little bit adventurous. For instance, you can use orange juice, herbal tea, or even Gatorade. Many people also use cranberry juice and claim that it enhances their high and gives them a better experience overall.

We don’t recommend using liquor because it could make the smoke acrid, which may irritate your lungs and throat.

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