4 Tips For The Perfect Dab As A Beginner

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Taking your first dab is definitely an exciting milestone in your journey as a weed smoker. It’s quite an experience, but it’s important to ensure it’s a good one if it’s your first time; otherwise, you wouldn’t want to come back to it, right?

Here are some dapping tips that should help you as a beginner.

Start Small

If you’re a weed smoker, you may not realize this, but dabs are much stronger than the buds you’ve been smoking, so you shouldn’t go all out on your first time. Concentrates can be incredibly powerful, and the high you get from those could be too much to handle, and your heart rate may go up. Also, very large dabs can hurt your throat, making it an uncomfortable experience overall.

So, the best way to go about this is to start small. Gradually, you can increase the amount and take larger dabs.

Don’t Miss the Bowl

Ideally, this should never happen if you’re dabbing the right way, but accidents happen, so it’s best to be careful. Always try to ensure your dab lands inside the nail.

Of course, as you become more accustomed to dabbing, there are very few chances of your missing the bowl. Practice makes you perfect, so make sure you dab often to become a pro!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

When you dab, you will instantly feel thirsty—drink water right away! Smoking weed always causes a dry mouth. But when you’re dabbing, you may feel other symptoms of dehydration as well, such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

However, keeping yourself hydrated can transform your entire experience; you’ll start experiencing all the amazing effects of dabbing.

Choose Your Dabbing Rig Wisely

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This is one of the most important dabbing tips for a beginner: choose the right dabbing rig.

When buying a dab rig for the first time, consider everything from its material to its size and other features. For instance, you should make sure the mouthpiece is slightly angled and narrow, making it more comfortable to use. Also, instead of choosing a silicone dab rig, invest in a better-quality glass rig.

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