Joints Vs. Bongs – The Ultimate Debate

a man smoking from a bong.

Around 48.2 million people in the US use marijuana, whereas a Gallup poll reveals that more people smoke marijuana than cigarettes. Since so many people smoke weed and use cannabis, finding the right tools and techniques to have the ultimate experience can be tricky.

Some smokers prefer smooth, clean smoke that can only be delivered by a bong, whereas some people like to smoke from a joint for a quick and convenient smoking session.

If you can’t decide between a bong and a joint, you’re at the right place. Read on to learn all about bongs vs. joints.

What Makes Bongs So Special?

Bongs come in numerous shapes and styles and are quite popular for delivering a highly potent and smooth smoke. While bongs are crafted from various materials, they all have the same mechanism: they cool down and filter the smoke from burning cannabis. Bongs typically have a small bowl where you can fill in the weed and light it. Once you start inhaling, the water in the bong will bubble up, and the smoke will rise from the water, entering the chamber to pass into your lungs.

Why do some people prefer smoking from a bong?

This is because the bubbling water in the bong minimizes the dry heat you usually get from smoking a joint. The smoke is smoother and cleaner than a joint, and the hit is much more potent and flavorful.


  • The high is much more intense and flavorful
  • The smoke is filtered and has a minimum level of carcinogens and other particulates
  • They’re easy to clean
  • They’re durable and eco-friendly
  • They can help you conserve weed


  • They can easily break
  • They’re expensive
  • Not portable

What Makes Joints So Popular?

a person holding a joint.


A joint or a marijuana cigarette is one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis. This is because joints are convenient, portable, and provide an unmatchable high.

Whether you’re someone who likes to wake and bake or you’re headed out on a road trip with your friends, rolling a joint and sharing it is simply fun.

Joints are convenient because all you need to roll a joint is a weed grinder and paper. Grabbing a bong and setting it up can be difficult, and finding the right supplies is not easy.


  • Easy to roll and smoke
  • They’re portable
  • They provide flavor and emit a pleasant aroma


  • They don’t deliver a smooth, clean smoke and provide a weaker high
  • They can give you cottonmouth
  • They burn very quickly
  • They can be harsh on the lungs

So, there you have it. Both methods have their set of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what you want from your smoking experience.

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