4 Amazing Tips For A Better High

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Whether you’re a newbie at smoking marijuana or a veteran smoker, you can benefit from tried-and-true techniques to enhance your high and elevate your smoking experience.

Individuals with a high tolerance often find it annoying that they can’t get high enough. This is why it’s important to learn how to get a better high.

Read on to learn how to get a better high, according to experienced stoners.

1. Switch Up Your Strain of Weed

The number one thing to consider if you’re not getting high enough is changing your weed strain.

Different weed strains have different qualities and potencies. This is why different strains can have different effects on your brain. You can always research different weed strains online and try them out to determine which one suits you best.

Different weed strains make you feel different things, such as introspective, relaxed, creative, and energetic. Certain strains help with pain relief. You can even reach out to a dispensary or a cannabis specialist to learn about the different strains and select the perfect one.

2. Change Your Method

a person in an orange T-shirt holding a bong.


The method you use when smoking weed can really make a difference in your smoking experience. If you’ve been smoking joints for a long time, you might consider smoking from a bong or a water pipe to switch things up.

Here are some different methods to smoke weed.

  • Bongs and Bubblers: Bongs are perfect if you’re looking for a flavor-packed and potent hit. They are super easy to use and deliver a clean, smooth smoke that can make you really high
  • Pipes: Pipes are also an excellent option when it comes to enhancing your high. They come in a range of styles and designs and last a very long time
  • Vaporizer: You can use a vaporizer with CBD oil which enables the CBD to directly enter your bloodstream. This method is immediately effective since the vaporizer is heating the cannabis to the perfect temperature without damaging the psychoactive factors

3. Post Workout Smoke

Did you know you could achieve a better high if you smoke post-workout? A study from 2013 reveals that the THC levels in the blood can significantly increase after exercise.

After working out, the body releases endorphins that help to clear the mind, ease pain, and feel positive. This is why getting high after your workout will elevate this feeling and make you feel even more at peace and calm.

4. Certain Foods Can Enhance the High

Some foods can really help you elevate your high. These include chocolate, sweet potatoes, nuts, eggs, etc. Incorporating them into your smoking session can help you make the most of your experience.

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