How to Use a Bong – Tips From the Experts

a smoking water pipe.

Bongs are smoking water pipes online that are popularly used to consume cannabis. These fancy marijuana pipes are used for a super healthy and smooth smoking experience.

The mechanics of a smoking water pipe are pretty simple. The smoke is pulled from the portion filled with water, and as the smoke starts to bubble up inside the liquid, the water cools down the smoke temperature and filters it.

Ready to smoke from a bong? Read on to learn the best tips for using bongs from cannabis experts.

Things You Require for the Ultimate Bong Hit

 a man holding a bong.

Here are some of the smoking accessories you require for a bong hit:

  • Your preferred strain of marijuana
  • Water
  • A weed grinder
  • A lighter

Preparing the Bong

Firstly, prepare your bong. Make sure the bowl is clean from all sides and doesn’t contain any ash.

Then fill the water chamber with water. Pour the water through the mouthpiece that is present at the top of the bong.

Make sure there is enough water to submerge the down stem, but don’t pour more than that.

Grinding the Marijuana

The next step is to prepare your strain of marijuana.

You can either perform this step manually or use a weed grinder to properly grind your weed. The better your weed is ground, the higher the quality of your overall smoking experience.

Place a small amount of your preferred strain of marijuana inside the weed grinder, replace the cap and twist it until your weed is fully ground. You can even use a pair of scissors or your fingers to break the cannabis buds apart and grind them into smaller pieces.

Packing the Bowl

Once your weed is properly ground, pick up the weed to fill your bowl. Make sure the bowl isn’t loosely packed, or you’ll be done with your marijuana in one puff. Use your lighter or any other flat object to gently tap the ground weed from above.

Don’t pack the bowl too tightly since this can inhibit the smoke from entering the mouthpiece.

Light It Up!

The last step is to light it up. Just grab your lighter and light the corner of the bowl. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and pull it in.

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