4 Perfect Gifts For A Stoner Boyfriend

a man holding a bong.

Stoners have a reputation for looking like the kind of guy who’s always in an oversized hoodie and talking with a drawl. But now that marijuana is legalized in over 38 states, anyone can be a stoner.

It’s holiday season and the perfect time for getting presents for your loved ones. But finding a present for your cannabis-enthusiast boyfriend can be a little difficult.

Trust us, you don’t have to wait till 4/20 actually arrives to give them a weed-themed present. If you’re struggling to find the perfect cannabis-centric gift for your stoner partner, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Read ahead to learn about some of the best gifts you can give to your weed-enthusiast partner.

1. A Weed Stash Jar

Everyone who has been smoking weed for a long time knows that you have to store your weed the right way or else it can lose its flavor and freshness.

What better way to keep your weed fresh and flavorful if not with the perfect air-tight weed stash jar?

Weed stash jars will keep your cannabis dry and save it from environmental factors like light and air that can dry the weed out and make its trichomes brittle. You should definitely invest in a weed stash jar to help your partner store their weed the right way.

2. A Weed Growing Kit

Surprise your partner with a weed-growing kit this Christmas! Weed growing kits can be the perfect present for your partner since these kits come with all the tools, the right soil mix, a germination kit, and a watering can.

If your partner is a first-time grower, you and your partner both can put your green thumb to the test and have a wholesome experience. You can grow a cannabis plant either outside or inside your house.

3. Rolling Papers

Replenish your partner’s stash of rolling papers with a brand-new pack. The kind of rolling paper one uses can make all the difference when it comes to having a pleasurable smoking experience.

Make sure to buy them high-quality rolling paper or ask them about the kind they’d like to have. Rolling papers come in a variety of forms flavored rolling paper, bleached rolling paper, novelty rolling paper, etc.

4. A Water Pipe

a man smoking from a bong.


Bongs and water pipes are the perfect Christmas presents that aren’t just used to smoke weed but can also be used as décor items!

Try getting your partner a water pipe in their favorite color or something personalized.

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