How To Clean A Hookah – 4 Simple Tips

a hookah surrounded by smoke

If you’ve been smoking a hookah for a while, you’d know it requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Maybe you’re looking forward to trying a new flavor and forgot to clean your hookah from the last time you smoked from it, and now the new flavor doesn’t taste the same.

Regular cleaning of your hookah is required to have an elevated experience every time you smoke. Having an understanding of how to clean your hookah part by part can really improve the quality of your high.

Read ahead to learn some nifty hookah-cleaning tips.

1. Disassemble the Hookah

Firstly, take your time to disassemble the hookah. Remove the bowl, tray, hose, adapters, diffusers, and grommets. Separate the hookah from its base and if the shaft can be separated from the hub, separate that as well.

This will allow you to clean each part and portion of the hookah wherever moisture tends to accumulate.

This will also enable you to become familiar with all of the hookah parts.

2. Cleaning the Stem, Base, and the Bottom Stem

a hookah is placed on a table


Now that you have disassembled all the parts, it’s time to clean. Drench the rod brush in warm water and use it to clean the insides of each one of the hookah rods. You can also run warm water down the rods and try moving the brush 6 to 10 inches inside to clean the entirety of the rod.

In case the rod is longer than the brush, you can always insert the brush from the other side as well. Using a brush helps to loosen any accumulated tobacco inside the hookah. You might have to scrub it for a few minutes before it’s completely free of residue.

Use a base-cleaning brush to clean the base and scrub every crevice to remove any lingering substances.

3. Cleaning the Bowl and the Tray

It is recommended to wash the hookah bowl after every use. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the bowl since harder bristles can damage the enamel. The hookah tray can be cleaned by running warm water over it and scrubbing it clean. Make sure it doesn’t have any charcoal residues.

4. The Grommets, the Purge Valve, and the Adapters

Each grommet and diffuser should be rinsed with mild soap and warm water. You don’t need to scrub them with a brush; just slightly wash them with mild soap and ensure they don’t have any build-up.

The purge valve should be regularly maintained since it can accumulate a build-up of rust if not cleaned regularly.

Use steel wool to remove any build-up of oxidation, or you can even add a drop of vegetable oil to the BB before you place it back in the valve. This adds lubrication and helps the BB to move smoothly.

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