3 Ways To Make Your Long Road Trip With Stoner Friends Memorable

a girl smoking from a bong

Stoner road trips are exciting and can quite literally become a mind-expanding experience. Whether you’re someone who has planned out a detailed itinerary way before the day you travel, or you like a bit of spontaneity, getting stoned on your trip can definitely enhance the experience.

From smoking cannabis in water pipes to using THC for a little fun, read ahead to learn how to make your trip more adventurous with your stoner friends.

1. Stretch Your Boundaries and Discover Your Self on a Hike

a woman smoking


Hiking is one of the most relaxing experiences one can have when they’re high. If you’re traveling with stoner friends, make sure to find a spot where you can go for a hike.

Hiking allows you to connect and immerse in nature. Just remember to choose a route that has a distance that you feel comfortable hiking. Also, make sure to check the weather forecast before you start so you can dress accordingly.

2. Try a New Restaurant

When you’re on a trip, you’ll likely come across many new interesting restaurants that you can try. Do this when you’re high.

Visiting a new restaurant in a new city also allows you to learn about that area’s culture, taste different foods, and discover a new atmosphere.

The best thing about eating good food when you’re high is that it can help you have a super elevated experience.

3. Visit a Theme Park

Are you someone who loves to get a thrill when you’re high?

Visit a theme park! Whenever you’re headed, you’ll likely come across a theme park or a fair with plenty of fun rides. Stomach-churning roller coasters, the haunted mansion, the Ferris wheel, or the bumper cars, you can go on all your favorite rides to have a time you’ll never forget.

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