How To Buy A Bong That Work For You

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Bongs can single-handedly level up your entire smoking experience, but you need to really consider the bong’s features to find one that fits your expectations and usage.

These amazing water pipes come in different shapes and sizes and offer unique experiences you can enjoy with your smoke buddies. But that being said, with so many options, the choice does get pretty hard, especially because the bong you choose will last you a few years.

Here’s everything you’ll want to consider when buying your perfect bong.

Consider the Size

When choosing a bong, you first need to think about the required size. While your first instinct may be to go for the bigger water pipes, these aren’t necessarily practical for everyone.

The bong size that’ll work bestfor you depends on many factors. For instance, you have to consider where you consider keeping it, or whether you’re planning to travel with it a lot.

Also, you have to think about things like chamber size, total capacity, mouth size, and the bong’s height. In fact, if a bong is something you plan on traveling with, it’s critical to consider its weight before you buy, and also the shape. Some unusual shapes may be hard to fit into luggage.

Think About Maintenance

Yes, you have to clean your bong. And yes, you must do so frequently (depending on your usage, of course). But this essentially means you have to choose a bong that’s super easy to keep clean. Fancier ones with cute designs may look great, but it may be hard to get rid of the gunk that settles in those; make sure to keep your choice practical.

Typically, the bongs that are hardest to clean are the ones with ice notches and percolators. And you should also try to find the ones that have water chambers that are easier to use. Moreover, think about the glass itself and the durability factor. If the bong is too hard to maintain, it may ruin the whole experience since unclean bongs affect the smoke quality.

Don’t Forget the Attachments

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One of the last but probably the most important things to consider in a bong is its attachments and add-ons. There are plenty of attachments available, but your bong and its size need to be compatible with these.

You can look at everything from adapters to ash catchers, nails and bangers, and other fun add-ons that’ll enhance your entire experience.

These are some of the main bong features you should be looking at, but if you want to learn more, explore our water pipes collection and check out what each pipe offers.

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