How To Start Smoking Pipes

A wooden pipe for smoking

Thinking of ways to elevate your smoking experience? You can’t go wrong with classic hand pipes. They’re practical, look great, are easily available, and are super easy to use.

But that being said, as a beginner, you may not know how to smoke a pipe properly right off the bat. However, it’s easier than it looks as long as you’ve got the right gear and know the correct techniques.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Invest In a Good Quality Pipe and Other Supplies

You can learn pipe smoking without owning an actual pipe, so let’s start there. Invest in a good quality pipe; it doesn’t have to be too fancy or an antique, but it needs to be good enough to offer you a great experience without going broke.

Also, make sure to order some other essential supplies like a pipe tamper to help you pack the tobacco properly. Also, some pipe cleaners, wooden matches, and premium quality tobacco is everything you need to have the perfect smoke. (Consider some blended flavors—they’re perfect for beginners!)

Learn How to Pack the Bowl

If you’ve seen a pipe, you know it comes with attached at the end of it. This is one of the most critical parts of your pipe, and it can make or break your experience, depending on how it’s filled.

One common mistake beginners make is packing the tobacco too tight with their hands. Ideally, you should fill it loosely and press it down very gently using the tamper. The bowl should be filled halfway. And you should then continue filling it and pressing until the bowl is ¾ full. Add some more, and leave some space at the top.

Light It Up The Right Way

Remember those wooden matches you bought earlier? Use those for lighting the pipe. Alternatively, you can invest in a special pipe lighter—don’t use a regular lighter; it’ll burn the tobacco and change the taste,

But before you even begin to light the pipe, take a test draw and see if the air is freely passing through. If it is, use the match, let it burn for the first few seconds, and then move it over the tobacco in circles while drawing gently. Do this until it’s all evenly lit.

Take It Slow and Steady

 A wooden pipe for smoking


Pipe smoking is a leisurely thing, not a marathon—take it easy. Puffing too quickly will only give you a burning sensation on your tongue, i.e., a tongue bite. Take slow, smooth draws and enjoy every puff.

Make sure to really experience the taste of the tobacco; it’ll make the experience worthwhile.

Now that you know how to smoke a pipe, you might as well get started!

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