The Dos And Don’ts Of Smoking A Pipe

A person smoking using a pipe

When it comes to smoking culture, nothing feels as authentic as a pipe. But as easy as it looks, smoking a pipe does require some technique and expertise.

Here’s everything you need to keep in mind.

DO: Use Matches Instead of Lighters

Even the most expensive lighters aren’t very precise; they are very hot because they burn at very high temperatures. While this may be great for lighting an old-school stove, it’s not the best for your pipe.

For starters, the high flame would damage the rim of your bowl; because it’s not going to be a very precise flame, there’s not much you can do about it. Secondly, the intense heat will alter your tobacco’s flavor, and it may just cause the whole bowl to burn out. So ideally, you should be using long, kitchen matches made of wood. Hold it above the tobacco while drawing in the flavor with long breaths.

DON’T: Inhale the Smoke

Speaking of drawing in, never inhale the smoke from the pipe. This is beginner-only advice; seasoned pipe smokers obviously know this already.

Those who typically switch from cigarettes to pipes are very likely to make this mistake because, with cigarettes, one does inhale the smoke. But when you’re smoking a pipe, inhaling the smoke can be very unpleasant, and therefore you’d want to avoid it.

DO: Clean Your Pipe Regularly

Regardless of how often you smoke your pipe, you need to have a cleaning schedule for it. Never cleaning your pipe properly isn’t only super unsanitary, but it’ll also get in the way of a great smoking experience.

Pros recommend cleaning pipes after every smoke. It’s not that complicated and not time-consuming. Just toss the leftovers, tap, give it a shake, and dump. Use a pipe cleaner for more thorough cleaning.

DON’T: Smoke the Tobacco Too Wet

When you open a pack of tobacco for the pipe, you’ll notice it’s a bit wet. Typically, tobacco does come with more moisture than is ideal for smoking. The access moisture makes it difficult to keep the tobacco lit and eventually, what you get is very oversaturated and steamy smoke.

So, air out the tobacco once you get it out of its packaging. Put it on a paper towel and just let it sit and dry for a few hours.

DO: Buy Good Quality Pipes or Tobacco

Several wooden pipes on a stand

This is imperative if you want a fun and authentic pipe-smoking experience. Don’t try to save a few bucks and go into this half-heartedly. A great-quality pipe and premium-quality tobacco make a world of difference to your smoking experience.

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