What Are Hemp Wraps, And Why You Should Order Some

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Hemp’s a plant, and it’s been used for centuries for many different purposes, including as a raw material for clothing and building materials.

Today, one place you’ll see hemp is in a smoke shop, in the form of hemp wraps. But hemp wraps aren’t exactly a recent innovation. They were developed by Ancient Egyptians. That said, today’s hemp wraps are very different than what the original Egyptians used, but the root and purpose remain the same.

What Are Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are basically thin paper-like flat sheets made of hemp and sometimes rice. They’re essentially blunt wraps without the tobacco.

In general, hemp wraps are considered safer, eco-friendly, and sustainable rolling papers that are made completely from natural, and healthy materials. They initially gained popularity as natural alternatives to tobacco wraps and cigars. For the most part, they are healthier and therefore preferred by smokers across the board. Their high demand has convinced manufacturers to come up with flavored hemp wraps as well to give smokers more options.

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How Are They Made

Hemp wraps are made exactly the same way as regular, traditional paper. The process involves plant fibers being processed to create a thick paste. The paste is dried and pressed into thin sheets using immense pressure.

While the end product is natural, hemp-making does involve a lot of machinery. But some smokers also make their own hemp wraps at home, manually. Needless to say, it’s not an easy task.

Why Should Your Order Hemp Wraps

Given their natural origins and simple manufacturing process, it’s no surprise that hemp wraps have some unique benefits that are generally unheard of in smoking culture. This is primarily why you need to order them to experience a more natural and 100 percent organic smoke session.

Hemp wraps have no unnecessary chemical or artificial add-ons, which essentially means that the regular ones (non-flavored) are completely organic and, therefore, healthier. They’re also tobacco-free and burn more slowly, which makes the experience much more enjoyable.


Does this make you want to try hemp wraps? Of course, it does.

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