3 Hookah Tips For Beginners For A Great Smoking Session

A hookah place outdoors near a lake

Hookahs have been around since the 15th century, but they’ve only recently become more popular here in the US. If you’ve just ordered a smoking hookah but have no idea how to use it, this should help.

Get the Foil Right

Getting the foil right is a huge part of your hookah preparation. First off, you need high-quality and high-duty aluminum foil. The thickness will keep the flavor from getting burned.

Also, double it up! Even when you’re using heavy-duty foil, it’s a good idea to put two layers of it to enhance the barrier between the coals and hookah.

And, of course, don’t forget to ensure that the foil is super tight. Regardless of the type and layers of foil, you have to ensure the foil completely covers the hookah bowl. Ideally, you should get one clean and smooth surface of the foil. This keeps the foil from sagging, which can cause a lot of issues with the airflow, and increase the chances of your flavor, burning.

Use High-Quality Charcoal and Light It Well

 Coals on a hookah bowl

Many beginners and even seasoned smokers make the mistake of using instant or quick light charcoal. Believe it or not, this completely alters the experience, and not for the best. The instant coals burn at higher temperatures and burn the top layer of the bowl in a few minutes. Moreover, with quick light charcoals, you’re probably tasting more of the coals than the flavors in the hookah.

Instead, use natural coal that burns at lower temperatures. Needless to say, this kind of charcoal takes a while to light up properly, but it’s worth the wait! If it’s not lit all the way through, you’ll be tasting very little flavor and lots of charcoal.

Sprinkle the Tobacco Instead Of Packing It Too Tightly

Do you pack your hookah bowl like you pack your joint? The answer better be no. The tobacco you put in your hookah bowl has to be separate particles. So, when you take it out of the packet, ensure there are no chunks.

When you start packing it into the bowl, avoid pressing it and sprinkle the tobacco instead. This will help you retain enough space between the particles to maximize airflow. The easier it is for air to flow, the longer and smoother your smoke session would be.

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