A Smokin’ Christmas: 5 Awesome Gifts For Your Best Smoke Buddies

A Rasta-themed cap

It’s that time of the year again. You know, the month in which you officially start panicking about holiday presents. And nobody is harder to shop for than your smoke gang. They’d be happy with a stash of weed, but of course, it’s the holiday season—go all out!

Here’s what we suggest.

A Rasta Leaf Cap

The Rastafarian movement is at the very center of cannabis culture, and most stoners aren’t necessarily members of the religious movement, but it’s definitely something they hold close to their hearts and values.

So, if you have a friend who’s particularly fond of the religion, this Rasta leaf cap is the perfect Christmas present for them—let them wear it proudly!

The Witch Shisha Hookah


A witch-themed hookah

Have a stoner friend with a bit of a witchy aura or aesthetic to them? This stunning witch shisha hookah is made for them! It is fun, quirky, and of great quality!

The hookah is about 19 inches tall and comes with a glass vase, ceramic bowl, and tray. It’s perfect for a smokin’ session in solitude or with your favorite friends! And the creative spin makes it a great present!

The Perfect American Stash Jar

 A stash jar to store weed

Have you seen your friend putting away their weed stash in random places? Time to order a stash jar for them?

While of course, any jar would do, a stoner would appreciate this specially-designed and infinitely funny “weed the people” stash jar with an interesting rendition of the American flag printed on it. It’s quite the gift for a patriotic weed enthusiast!

A Beautifully Detailed Wooden Pipe

 A carved wooden smoking pipe

If you have a friend who has a thing for classics and traditional things in general, then nothing can impress them more than this incredibly stunning and detailed wooden pipe with beautiful carvings on it.

It looks exceptionally well-made and has a larger bowl. Given that it’s not too expensive, it would make a perfect Christmas present. Make sure to give it to someone that can really treasure its beauty.

A Funny Bart Simpson-Themed Mini Rig

A Simpson-themed dab rig

Have a funny friend who’s always joking around and playing pranks? Then this Bart Simpson-themed mini rig is the perfect Christmas gift for your fun-nonsense-loving friend.

It’s 6-inches tall, incredibly cute, and pretty portable. Also, it’s definitely a conversation starter when you’re with new people.


Also, if you’re looking for fun dab rigs or smoking water pipe designs that aren’t Simpsons-related, you can explore the rest of our collection—we’ve got a lot more.

We also have more smoking hookahs for sale that you can choose from as well as other smoke accessories that can be gifted to friends.

Check it all out!

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