How To Smoke Using A Bong: Tips And Tricks To Do It Like A Pro

A person standing amidst sunflowers smoking from a bong

Bongs are one of the most popular types of smoking gear, and let’s be honest; they look incredibly cool and are something all smokers want to get their hands on. But using a bong takes some skill and practice.

Here are some pro tips to make your bong experience a smokin’ blast!

Check the Water Level

This is one of the most obvious tips, but it’s still an important one for beginners. The right amount of water is critical for a great hit; putting in too little or too much can completely alter the experience, and not necessarily for the best.

Pour some water into the bong and fill it up to the downstem hole. Then proceed by pouring out some of the water. To test if you’ve got the water level right, put in the downstem and inhale a bit—take it slow—if you feel water coming up in your mouth, it means you need to pour out a bit more. Alternatively, if there are no bubbles when you inhale, it means you need to add a little water.

Also, make sure to always use clean, distilled water. And the water needs to be changed every time you start a new smoke session—don’t just use the leftover water from last time!

Pack the Bowl to Perfection

Packing the bowl is an art, one that many smokers take lightly. But if you want extraordinary bong rips, put some effort into packing the bowl well. Ideally, use a weed grinder to grind the herbs to the right consistency—this is essential for great packing and ensures an even burn.

Also, you might want to leave some large, unground pieces at the bowl’s bottom. This will ensure nothing slips through. And, of course, don’t overpack the bowl. If you’ve grounded up extra herbs, just store them for next time.

Master Hit Stacking

 A person smoking from a bong


This is something you’ll want to try when you’re well out of your beginner phase and ready to take your bong experience to the next level. With hit stacking, you’d want to take a hit from the bong, but make sure it doesn’t go beyond the chamber all the way to the mouthpiece.

Then continuing gathering more smoke into the chamber before finally inhaling it steadily. You’d want to take a deep breath before starting and then continue going until you’re out of breath. It’s quite a heady hit but something you’ll definitely be thanking us for.

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