5 Must-Haves To Make Your Next Road Trip A Smokin’ Blast

A rolling tray for rolling joints

Getting ready for the next road trip with your smoke buddies? Sounds fun! But smoking on the go isn’t the same as smoking in your usual hangout spot.

Here are some essentials you might want to order before the big trip!

A Compact Grinder

A good-quality grinder is an absolute must-have on a road trip. Sure, you could grind some weed from home and keep it in a stash jar, but it won’t offer the same experience as freshly ground herbs. Some may argue that you can get the job done with scissors, and while that’s true, if you’re in a car, you’d want to keep things as clean as possible.

Make sure to choose a small grinder with parts you can easily store in your bag. Also, you can grind some extra weed and leave it in the grinder for later.

The Perfect Rolling Tray

Besides the grinder, another thing that’ll help you keep everything neat, clean, and odor free is a rolling tray. It’s the perfect accessory to ensure you don’t get crumbs and bits everywhere on your ride.

Also, a rolling tray can be your savior even if you’re not in a car but camping somewhere outdoors where you need a flat surface.

A Pocket Chillum

Those who love chillums want them nearby at all times, and rightly so; the smoking experience using chillums is magical! While these aren’t very big, to begin with, some special pocket-sized ones are definitely a must-have for a road trip.

Not sure where to find one?

Check out this American Helix Glass chillum available at Gorilla Wholesale! It’s the perfect size for a discreet smoking session on the go!

A Perfect Smell-Proof Stash Bag (With a Lock!)

A smell-proof stash bag for storing weed and smoke accessories

If you’re road-tripping across the country, you probably already know that the laws in different states are vastly different. This is why you might want to consider how you will store and secure your smoke accessories in case of emergencies.

For this purpose, we’d suggest investing in a smell-proof bag with a combination lock. Both of these bags are meant for traveling, so they’re also water repellent and weatherproof, and of course, very durable.

If you’d like to explore some options, check out the bags we have at Gorilla Wholesale. As a wholesale smoke shop online, we have some of the best smoking accessories, including portable options for wholesale smoking water pipes and smoking hookahs online.

Check it all out.

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