3 Smoking Accessories Every Smoke Enthusiast Needs

A weed grinder with 100 dollar bills printed on it

Smoke accessories may not be something many people think about, but for a smoke enthusiast, they are everything. After all, people who smoke regularly need the right gear to make smoking enjoyable and accessible.

If you’re wondering what you need besides your favorite smoking water pipe online to make your smoking experiences more comfortable, we’ve got you! Check these out:

The Perfect Grinder

Every experienced smoker knows the importance of well-ground weed. But not all grinders are built the same, and it takes a true weed aficionado to tell an excellent grinder from a low-quality one.

Also, don’t listen to those who tell you to crush the herbs with your bare hands. That’s a very rookie way of doing it, and in the process, you’d be completely ruining the buds and their amazing properties. And don’t even bother with scissors; that approach is time-consuming and exhausting. By the time you’re done, you’ll probably want to hit the sack more than you’ll want a smoke.

When choosing a grinder, consider everything from the perfect size to material and additional components and cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Premium Quality Rolling Papers

Pre-rolled joints are for rookies; make sure you have your own rolling papers. Of course, not any rolling paper would do; you need to invest in high-quality rolling papers that pair well with the strain you frequently enjoy.

Generally, thinner rolling papers make for a better experience. However, if you’re new to rolling joints, start with a slightly thicker version before you’ve practiced enough for organic ones. Also, consider the size of the rolling paper depending on what size joint you’d want. A giant joint is ideal if you’re part of a large group but not if you are on your own.

Storage Gear

 A stash jar for weed

Another thing you definitely need is storage gear. This helps with transporting your stash and other accessories, but also for at-home storage.

If you’re wondering what exactly to look for, check out our collection of storage options at Gorilla Wholesale. We have some stash jars that are absolute must-haves, smell-proof bags, and other bags and packaging options you can order.

You can also order hemp wraps online from us as well as buy weed grinders online and other smoking essentials. Check it all out.

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